How to promote your CommUNITY effort!

    •Facebook/Instagram stories! Stories help push your presence to the top of user feeds! 
     It's a great way to get quick and easy attention!

    •Go live! Facebook/Instagram live is a powerful way to publish important information in a highly effective way that              allows you to answer questions and respond to feedback in real time!

    •Emails! General information can be summarized in an organized manner that people can archive and quickly refer to       via email bulletins and newsletters!

    •In-call, delivery and pick up reminders! Any interaction with customers should be taken advantage of as a great tool          to remind customers of how they can show their support! We have flyers as options to hand out as well!

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PSA: The small but mighty MCW team is working hard to process orders as quickly as possible, but due to a very volitile supply chain, some orders may take longer than usual. As always we greatly appreciate your understanding and patience!