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YOU: Can I bring my own garments to be printed?

US: Sure! We do have some terms and conditions you'll want to check out first though.

YOU: Do you have a minimum?

US: Yes, but it's only 12 garments, and can be a mix and match of different styles.

YOU: Can I order less than 12 garments?

US: At this time we are currently not taking orders under minimum, sorry!

YOU: What is your turnaround time?

US: Generally 15 business days, though we do our best to get your order out as fast as possible.

YOU: I need it sooner than that, can I get my order rushed?

US: We do offer rush services with as little as 3 business days production.

YOU: How do I need to supply my artwork?

US: We require either vector based or high resolution artwork. Check out our artwork section for more info.

YOU: What the heck is vector?

US: Art made up of paths which are defined by points, lines and curves. Infinitely scalable and editable.

YOU: Can you create a custom design for my project?

US: Most certainly, in fact, we absolutely love creating custom designs.

YOU: How much does custom design cost?

US: check out our graphic design page for all the pricing and details.

YOU: What is the largest print size?

US: 12"w x16"h

YOU: How much are your screen fees?

US: Nada! Unless you are ordering less than our minimum, then it's $25 per screen.

YOU: Can I mix and match shirts?

US: Sure! As long as all of your garments are getting the same exact print.

YOU: Do you offer Pantone ink matching?

US: You provide the Pantone code and we will match the ink!

YOU: Do I need to pay for my order now? 

US: We do require full payment up front for all orders.

US #2: If you would like to make other arrangements please ask and we will do our best to accommodate.

YOU: The color in my design isn’t in your swatch book. Do you color match?

US: We always do our best to match the colors in your design by eye.

US #2: You can get your color Pantone matched if you provide the code you would like used.

YOU: Do you have fonts and stock art to choose from?

US: Nope, we like to create designs from scratch. You are always welcome to submit references if you like though.

If you have additional questions please check out our terms and conditions, shoot us a message, or give us a call!


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